some of my drawings and paintings

cross to bear

GOD is Love

I grew up an Army brat and  after my father retired we moved to Belvedere,SC where I was saved when I was 12, but did not surrender my life totally to JESUS CHRIST as I should but continued to live according to how I wanted to live my life. We moved to Warner Robins, Ga and after high school I joined the US Navy and worked with computer weapon systems on submarines and then surface ships. During my 15 years in the Navy, I also was a recruiter for 3 years and did some other peripheral jobs. I always was a Christian but sometimes I did not act like one. I broke all of the commandments and know that I hurt GOD deeply with all of my sins. Then after the experience with the Lord answering my plea to help me and take control of my life, you would think that I would finally surrender totally. But i still did not submit completely. And then I started reading scriptures and watching video bible studies and the Lord opened my eyes to so much. My wife and I started to observe the Sabbath as the Lord commands. We started to compare scriptures and finding so much that we never saw before. 





  desert mirage (blood on the horizon)





Let Me Share My Testimony With You.....